Hi everyone tonight:

Hi Jim and Daiku thanks for coming on board and also those nice remarks, sorry I can't post anything presently so guess I will just have to talk for the time being.

It was exciting times around here then, I was just a teen ager lots of work, construction went 24 hrs a day non stop, for about 4 years, crushing stone, pouring concrete, moving houses, cutting right of ways, there was a new railway line built, a new 4 lane highway, as well a scenic 2 lane highway just to name a few.

All the foundations for the moved homes were readied, one of the major tasks facing the engineering dept. was the construction of a coffer dam to divert the St. Lawrence river and dry up the river bed to allow the construction of the Hydro generation station.

Eventually it created a lake 21 miles long, and took the complete capacity input of the St Lawrence river flowing into it 4 days to fill to its highest point.

Hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane