Hi Derek and others looking in:

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, I just threw this topic in for the enjoyment of those that like history.

You Know There are alot of wonderful people in the world and I feel humbled to have had the opportunity to talk and visit with many thousands of them. I always studied my history and researched my subjects as well as I could so that I could consider my responses as accurate as possible.

Talking with all of you here on this forum , I realize many are just passing by. It reminds me of days gone now, as I worked and paused to visit with those that took the time to stop, and as I glanced up from time to time I would see many just glance my way and then pass on, they would be pointing towards me and instructing their children probably putting in their version of what they are seeing.

I just want to say right now it would be nice to talk to everyone of you, but I know that is not possible, I hope that you look back through my posts and posts of others over the last 7 or 8 months and really enjoy the trip I have really had a wonderful time