Hi Richard, I am not sure I would call them imperfections, for that suggest something is incorrect or wrong and there for should be corrected and removed form the process, in effect, changing the product of that particular individual. These "imperfections" cannot be added artificially, they appear fake when done. That slip of the axe, as an example, landing in the wrong place; how many of these should we strategically place and where, most likely if this is tried there will be to many and in the wrong places. This, the axe mark, can only happen if the original intent of the axe is true to its cause. Another "oops" that can happen is the miscut piece and the fix needed to correct the process so it can continue to flow. I have visited numerous old structures and pondered what caused this or that to happen, it is always reassuring when I come across such mishaps, for they leave me smiling and knowing I am on the right path, human nature has not changed and dyslexia lives on. A most appropriate topic for Easter and the sins of man. In the end maybe they are imperfections.