Hi everyone tonight:

Well sorry for having been away so long but I had to attend to some business.

Talking about wood in the last post and wanting to retain its characteristics, I began to think about broadaxe handles and the types of wood that I use to manufacture them.

I personally lean towards wild cherry as my first choice, it has the greatest patina after you use it for a bit of time. The sweat from your hands impart a glow to the surface of the wood that gives it a distinctive look and feel, like the rubbed surface of an historical piece of furniture.

I was just wondering if any of you woodworkers that stop by might have any preferences as far as types of wood to use, and maybe a reason to go along with the choice.

I also use a glass finish once I have attained the proper shape and offset. Is there any secrets you would like to share here with everyone, please feel free to jump in.