hello again everyone tonight:

Hi Joel nice to have our administrator visit our thread but I cannot understand the connection of what you are asking for in relation to what we are chatting about, so unless I get a little bit more info I cannot respond unfortunately

Getting back to the various comments above I am quite interested in Will's remark's about his style of left handed hewing. Part of it I am comfortable with like "left hand forward"--this is normal practice--but then--"log to my left"--this last part I am not familiar with. Most left handed hewers that I have seen or been around work as follows--"left hand forward, and log to the right"--

I realize that everyone works in different ways, but this is certainly an unusual style and one that I have never seen.

Over the years of pairing up hewers on large timbers during the hewing process a right hand hewer and a left hand hewer could work facing one another on the same side of the log simply because of the opposite way they stand, working from the ends of the log towards the centre point.

Many large hewn timber display the remaining telltale bites of the scoring axes as they were driven into the finished surfaces from different angles usually by a right and left handed hewer working on the same log and on the same surface.

I am sure that you do work as you describe Will and I assume that you are adaptable to swinging an axe right or left handed easily, as many old timers could as the situation warranted.

I wonder for the sake of everyone looking in on this thread if you could explain a little further on your unusual style of hewing, and maybe a picture or two.

Thanks again this is interesting information and I (we) are waiting for your reply