Hello everyone tonight

Well thanks for clearing up Joel's message I guess I am just getting too old to see through the meaning of modern English language

The last part though he asked if I had any pictures of the handle--yes I do in fact it is the focus part of my handle carving video on the tool forum for anyone that is interested.

The handle is quite unusual and was part of the tool collection at UCV. I was given special permission at that time to photograph it for a presentation on timberframing,hewing, broadaxes and broadaxe handles along with other topics to a group of restoration and museum personnel from Russia, that was touring NA at that time. It seems that under the old regime they had lost some background information on restoration techniques and were doing catch up.

Anyway I have to shut down for the night due to bad thunderstorms going overhead so see you tomorrow

Maybe we could continue the conversation about this handle for those that are interested.

To those that just stop by each night maybe we could hear from some of you on this topic