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NH - I know and have worked with one righty who hews mirror image opposite of the way I do.

Hey Will, I hew this way too, I think we talked about this at TTRAG two years ago. I learned form Dave Dauerty at a Guild workshop. I got to try hewing with both right and left Gransfors Axes. It just felt more natural not to swing across my self in a compound arc but to keep it on one side of me. I had more control to hew this way and I could work longer before I had to take a break. I have found that I like wearing Motocross gloves with padded knuckles when hewing.
I got to work with Dave again last year and have some pictures of him face hewing a 48 ft. 10 x 16 Red Oak tie beam. Timber to his right and right hand forward. Gransfors Axe, Handle bent to the left.

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