Tom --

It was David that I was speaking of, he and I have known and worked with each other off and on for fifteen years now, including teaming up to hew the ties for the Malabarn. But we both hewed the way we do before knowing each other. I think it's fair to say, while we might be a distinct minority, there is no way that we are a minority of just three counting yourself. And I feel confident in guessing that people who hewed in this manner in the past, were found in numbers.

NH --

I assure you I chop left handed, I'm as lefty as they come, I write, eat, swing a ball bat, and both golf and shoot as a lefty, there is no way that swinging an ax, something I do well and almost daily, is an exception to my almost hopeless lefthandedness. If I'm felling or limbing or scoring, my left hand is is my high hand. If we are two man scoring, I can and will and even want to switch sides of the notch, and so my high hand. I am capable of doing so, but never entirely comfortable in the doing.

To return to the gist of this conversation, why would I swing a broad ax any different than a felling ax ?

Don --

Don't know what it means, except it reenforces what we've been saying all through this thread. There is no right way, except for the way that each of us perceives that to be, as we try to determine what is both most comfortable and efficient for ourselves. There is no left way, any more than there is a wrong way.

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges" - Isaac Newton