controlling the axe so as to get to know the wood is definitely the focus. the neat thing about axes is that they are quite aggressive tools, wasting large amounts of wood quickly, but only where the wood wants to. so it is both aggressive and inherently sensitive at once.

just to carry on with that thought, there is a rhythm to working the axe over the log. a kind of tempo. wind up just slowly enough and one stays focused, then to keep the body working at that rate along the length of the log. days measured in trips back and forth. how many tree lengths are in your back today? you stand as tall as the trees you can cut.

shifting gears- from splitting off juggles to bouncing the edge against the timber face. hewing goes by degrees. what i'm working on is patience. the desire to get it done. to get beyond that desire would be progress and a process improvement at this end. i think there is a direct connection between the desire to bring things to an end and the fact of having a body. every desire is mortal.

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