Hi everyone tonight:

Thanks for all the viewpoints as far as the correct hewing position is concerned, and you all have and put forward good viewpoints.

I am sorry Ken that you seem to take my remarks in that context, I thought that I had made myself clear that depending where you live hewing probably was done in many different ways.

The old manuscripts that I had access to were Britsh in origin
and correct me if I am not right were you not taught to respect what is presented as a true representation of facts by unknown artists, and in many cases before photography paintings and artist sketches were the only way that scenes of work could be recorded.

For everyone looking in on this subject under discussion, what would be your preference, and how would you present proper subject material to those that want to learn a true safe method to work by?

I would much rather bury my axe head in the dirt than have it glance and be a danger to ones leg or foot.

I have always said that after the teaching is done then one can stray away from proven methods if one wishes but that person has to accept what may happen when using irregular methods, and I am sure that in many cases not only with hewing disasterous results were imminent and did happen.

Thanks all for the discussion which I am sure is not finished yet--