Hi everyone tonight:

Well I have been away for a while but life has to go on in other areas although this is one of my favorite ones, with your guys and gals in historic "wood working world".

You know as I look at the information that Ken sent on hewing it seems to me that our North American style of hewing adapted some of the best features of other countries that is represented, while retaining the safety features of our type of hewing.

It is just like the styles of timberframing it appeared to change about every 150 to 200 years.

For instance the Pennsylvania "people" that immigrated up into Upper Canada about 1784 seemed to switch quite quickly to the 3 bay style of barn construction, and at least around here only a sprinkling of the "large Anchor Beam" central isle barns were built and then things seemed to change about 1800.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this old established style of construction faded away so quickly?

Anxious to hear your thoughts---------