Hello everyone tonight:

I would like to go back a few entries to "Our barns's" comment about the evolution of "English barns" to "New England Barns".

The descripton of each type seems to put the "New England Barns" having the same characteristics as The olde Dutch style barns with the central Isle, and the large anchor beams with exits at each end, while the "English barns" use a side entrance with a barn floor that also exits each side of the structure.

Up here in Upper Canada the English barn seems to have caught on after the advent of the "Dutch style or New England barn" mainly because of the ease of filling ie; the mows are located on one side of the barn floor, extending right up to the peak.

I guess that I am taken back alittle that it seems that in the New England the English barns predated the "New England Barns" whereas in our area the reverse seems to be true.

Maybe we need alittle bit more clarification on this issue,

Thanks all for coming on board