Well Hello again everyone tonight:

Hi Our barns--

Thanks for the deep look back into times gone by especially in your area --your conclusion in the progression of barn styles seems well put, and I must say well thought out indeed!!

It makes great sense at least to me that the smaller barns came first and then the larger barns later to fill the nitch needed to develop the large dairy herds that grew quickly across the midwest US

Here where I live the smaller family operated dairy farms were the backbone of the agricultural dairy industry for nearly 250 years, and to some extent is just now being swollowed up by larger operations. My son still operates a 36 cow dairy herd but pressure is being applied from alot of different areas for expansion\change, this usually comes from the environmentalists and gov't agencies, and I must say that it is not for the best in my books.

Hi Bruce:--want to elaborate on who is seeing blood--any way it is nice that you dropped in