Hello everyone tonight:

Sorry that I have been away so long but I have been away for a spell for a little R and R.

Hope that everyone is well and enjoying our return at least in this area to summer, it has been dreadfully wet around here.

One of my land mark barns in this area just bit the dust, age finally caught up to it and I guess we could add neglect on the owners part. One good thing is that a few years ago I visited it and did some sketchings

speaking of barns, on our tour that was part of the Morrisbug TTRAG Conference a few years back we visited a stone Barn near Brockville Ontario, this was one of the most photographed barns in eastern Canada, well the new owners just recently demolished it only the front stone arch remains, and of course any photographs that some of you may have taken at that time--

Do any of you remember it? I would like to know.

You know timberframing can take many hats, but I wonder how many of you have tried your hand at timberframing a mill structure with its many intricacies and huge timber framework members?