Well Hello everyone tonight:

I just was able to get loged in for the first time tonight, it has been quite a struggle for the last week or so. I just thought that I would try it to see if it would work as I was starting to give up and lo and behold it worked, nice to be back with everyone again.

I would like to thank Ken for the posting that explained the main cane crushing component of the Barbados Mill--way back on the 2nd of the month, it sure was appreciated, and I am sure many members that passed by this site stand in awe of the millwrighting that must have gone into the construction of these mills.

One question that I have for you Ken---

-- what kind of a braking system could handle such a monstrous piece of equipment which in case of an emergency could stop and hold the mill's sails idle through high wind disturbances?

I know from experience that the slow revolving sails would create an immense tourque, and in turn would require a specialized braking system along with very heavy gearing

Thanks again Ken