Helloeveryone tonight:

Hi Tmbeal since you posted the last entry, and I am curious about the centrifugal and centripetal correction.

As Isee it centripetal is a violent force moving towards the centre, and centrifugal is the reverse, if I used an incorrect term I appologize.

I have witnessed the huge tides in the bay of fundy, and the reversal of the flow of I believe the St John river there, but I might be corrected,-- a great force if it could be harnessed.

With modern technology advancing like it is you would think that harnessing this tidal bore would be a piece of cake.

well here we are wandering off subject again I am goingto try and get things steered back on line.

I am going to put this subject out to see if any constructive thoughts will (centripetal) in.


taking into account the old wooden saw frames have no modern conveniences to move the log around preparing it for each saw cut, do you think that you would flatten only one side and after rolling the log on its flat side then cut right straight across edging the boards as a final gesture.

Or would you square the log all around and then cut the square edged boards or planks edging all the boards from the squaring process in a final cut?

Which way would give you the better quality boards, and whichway would give you the wider common cut boards with the least waste

And finally which waywould be the fastest, and the most profitable, and best use of your water supply?

OK--lets hear what you have to say on this scenario that has just been passed along down the line from the lead sawyer who is trying to train you as a new recruit to operate this mill----good luck and I hope you make it