Hi everyone tonight:

Thanks to everyone for all the recent posts and conversation, I have once again been experiencing log in problems but tonight it seems to be working well.

Tovio thanks for the hewing video it verifies what others have told me in reference to the hewing style in that part of the world.

I would not advise anyone to try that style without good instructions though because even a seasoned pro like myself would consider it risky.

It is nice though to see it being practised via the safe medium of the computer screen.

The comments on the quality of sawn boards using various methods of log set up is interesting.

I would just like to comment that in the squaring up process there is always waney edged boards, and I am not so certain that time was taken to cut the edges square using the muley blade,s equipment, I rather think that the waney boards were just taken back to the farm and used up.

Well best of the season to everyone, and if all of you have enjoyed this chatting site please let me know by signing in and posting what subjects you liked the best.

I would really like to hear from you