Hi everyone tonight:

I agree immensly that using the proper technique the adze will not hit high enough to injure the shins ---but--watch your ankles

My father made a slip and the corner of the adze penetrated through his leather boot and severed the tendon on his ankle, he was one year learning to walk again.

When I told him that I was going to be using the adze in my restoration work , he cautioned me to be very careful and not work when your arms are beginning to tire because it is at that time that accidents can happen.

I always practiced real caution and took short breaks when I felt that my concentration was begining to wane.

I have did alot of hewing and adzing over my career and really had only one scare and that was when I was creating a watering trough using a gutter adze. It happened very quickly as accidents usually do, I slipped and fell forward and the adze handle went down under me turning the blade of the adze upwards, my knee just missed the blade, I was some shook up though and thanked the one above who must have been looking over me.

Thanks to all of you for coming in on this thread it makes for a very interesting and I hope educational read for those that come our way.

As we get closer to the holidays I again would like to say that commentatng on this thread has been one of the greatest highlights of my computing career which by some standards I suppose has not been too lengthy.

Happy holidays to everyone