Hi Tovio:

Well hello again everyone, and nice question Tovio:

If you have been following my thread you probably know that I have examined many historic frames in this area, and I can only speak for this general area, one that was the settling ground for approx 12000 United Empire Loyalists and their families starting about 1784.

I personlly never noticed any plane tell tale marks having been used on outbuildings or barns, but having said that the homes with exposed beam ceilings, and the floor boards above were planed by hand to create a lovely finish appearance when you glanced up

The beams were usually beaded by hand on their corners after the planning process this again added a special touch. I have restored period homes using a hand beading plane and I must say the finished product was worth the effort--try it don't take my word just use a small timber to work on to get the feel.

The hand held router will not put the bead directly on the corner like say a Stanley beading plane will

Any comments on this subject?