Hi everyone tonight

Well I thought today is a good day to clean up the stored tools so I got out my broadaxe(s) and dusted them off, sprayed a little WD40 on the metal surfaces and with a very fine emery paper worked the rust remover into the surface of the steel until the surface looked real good, then I wiped off the resulting liquid with a a clean paper towel. I then applied a little machine oil and wiped the surfaces down.

I then took a fine sharpening stone and touched up the cutting edges, until they would shave my arm--they are ready for business!

I am heading back into the bush to pull out some spruce timbers that will become the ceiling supports for my son's country home that he is constructing. They will be 6" by 8" by 16 feet, and will carry the floor for the second storey. The flooring will be 1".5" by 10" pine grove and tongue, and adzed on the bottom surface and be open from below. I am intending to bead the bottom corners of the timbers with a hand beading plane, leaving the surface to show the hewing process.

The flooring will be nailed down with 3" square cut nails which will be set just flush with the top surface of the floor.

This should give me alittle workout and bring my (70) hewing skills back up to an acceptable level.

Now I have to rest for the work ahead.

The best of the day to everyone

If Rob Leslie is passing by this site would he contact me Please by Email--thanks