Hello everyone tonight:

Well the weather deteriorated here so I decided to stay in the shop and turn out a few chisel handles, they were needed to replace some that have become split somewhat and ratty looking.

I think that I will turn out 4 slick handles, while I have the lathe up and running, to fill an order for a lad out in Tennesse, These will be 22,24,26,28inches long and will have the same lines as an 1840 one that I have in my collection, he has asked them to be from black walnut, and to be glass finished with a dark antique stain and boiled linseed rubbings on the surface

This will be an enjoyable order to fill turning out slick handles is not something that one does on a regular basis.

I will try and post some pictures of them when I finish and before shipment for those of you that might be interested

Have a good evening