Hi everyone tonight:

Sorry for the hiatus but I have been away from the cold weather for a few weeks, I appreciate the interest that the remarks on this site seem to generate, and maybe we can generate a few more in the weeks to come.

As an old woodsman commented in a northern lumber camp up around Perth Ontario--

"In the crisp winter air, many choppers moved among the trees, working in pairs there was a continuous sound of the large pines falling ripping and tearing their way to the earth, with a final thud as they came to rest"
"And then those with the large flat hewing axes moved through each with a helper to cut the even notches along their lengths some as long as 120 feet"
"those large pine giants slowly began to loose their coats of bark and exposed their inward white blemish free flesh, the song rang true as the choppers sang-"to England with our signature carved in each piece"