Hello everyone tonight:

Thanks to everyone for coming on line and the interesting line of the thread, I suppose it is similar to the line that I put forward about whether it still is feasible to cut your own logs and mill versus just going and buying the dimension lumber at the store.

Cutting a thousand feet of logs will take an average day for two people along with a tractor, wagons,saw, fuel, time, and then another day to truck it to the mill, your time, fuel, and cost of milling at $60 Hr. I should add in there the repairs to the saw, files, fuel,, and unexpected breakdowns, and wear and tear on the old body.

Like Ken what do you do with the woodlot that you are paying taxes on, just to see it grow?--The tax man likes to charge you for this luxurious product that really is costing you money.

This woodlot is housing the wild animals like deer, coyotes, moose bear, birds, and many other of the government's so called wild inhabitants, and also \mr gov't will tell you that it is wet land, and you shouldn't disturb it by cutting, draining, or otherwise.

The way I see it maybe we should be paid to take care of it rather than pay taxes, and maybe we should be able to have access to a certain amount of lumber in lieu of cutting and managing the acreage that we can't disturb in any way for fear of offending those that make their home there.

Around here we have these hordes of wild geese that drop in twice each year to fill their bellies on our crops , as well as the deer that freely tramp through and eat the crops as they try and grow each season.

I really feel that things are alittle out of whack and not getting any better, but maybe I shouldn't complain, hydro is going up, gas is $1.00 litre, the cost of getting a good education is about $50,000, and there is no good permanent jobs for our youg people after they are educated.

Oh yes I should say they are making the cars more efficient, but they are getting bigger with bigger motors and in the end you get about the same mileage,

funny world isn't it but i promise not to stray so far away from hewing , but then I can't get in the bush without disturbing those that live there and may have to do it at night so no one sees me cut a tree down, working in the dark without lights is dangerous,and anyone that hears that I am cutting trees at night might think that I am just alittle crazy.

I used to think that I own my home because I made payments for 25 years-- but only if I pay the taxes--in reality I don't own anything, just manage it

Doggone it though I still love hewing, and creating things from that old bushlot eventhough I have to be careful not to offend anyone or anything