Hi Richard,

One benefit that I do enjoy here in England is that I do not have to pay any taxes on ownership of my woodlot. I do however need to pay a hefty chunk of money each year in public liability insurance just incase a ton of beech tree comes down on a trespasser.

Sometimes trees do need to be cut. Its a use it or loose situation and so providing this is done in a thoughtful and sustainable fashion then one should be prepared to take the long term view. My woodlot was last cut over in any serious kind of way by Canadian Lumber Jills towards the end of the last war and the evidence for this can still be read in the woodland archeaology. Time for another cut. I have been investigating the possibility of buying a Lucas mill so that I can take this right to the felled tree. Anybody ever used one of these ?


Ken Hume

Looking back to see the way ahead !