Hello everyone tonight:

Just to expand this topic out a little lets do a hypothetical problem that needs solving,

Person "a" needs a 10"square hewn log 25 feet long out of white ash

Person "a" has the standing tree that fills the bill in his bushlot

He has the ability to cut and haul out the tree with a minimal investment using his saw that he cuts his firewood with and a good heavy team of work horses just waiting to get a little exercise.

Now the tree is out in the open area ready to begin its reduction into a hewn timber.

From my experience the first side will take the best part of 6 hours to flatten, the second side will take 5 hours, and the other 2 sides will take 3 and 2 hours respectfully.

This makes a total of 16 hours which is I believe a realistic timeframe for a tree of this size and length, would anyone like to comment on this time analysis please feel free to do so.

I suspect that you will have to pay more than minimum wages for this type of skilled worker, so in this regard I would say at least $25 hr. or $400.00 for wages to hew the timber.

My question to you all would it be advantageous to precut the timber oversize and hew the final finish, and how much of a savings could be realized, or would it cost more in the end