That same concept was use in the Geometric work shop with Laurie Smith. Trammel points, or large dividers used to apply lengths and more. A simple stick with pointed nails could be used to walk off long lengths. Or the dividers used to walk off a shorter distance on the rod which could be applied to gain all the repeated sized through out the frame.

In the latest issue of Timber Framing I enjoyed Laurie's article on useful geometries for carpenters. I liked Fig. 6. specifically for more accurately drawn 3 circle daisy wheel, faster, simpler, and more accurate. The ogival arches was a treat as well.

If I don't use a method, learned, I tend to loose the connection. I recently used a long measuring pole or radius to generate the curves cut into the post on my own project, which is based on a two circle layout. I used three methods to achieve the overall building, rods/diivders, tape measure and chance.