Hi everyone tonight:

Exact measurements---this is a topic that needs alittle more scruttiny---

Given a pile of rough hewn timbers for (a three bay barn) of varying sizes both cross sectional, twisted and bowed, and with the measuring and cutting tools available or known of during the early 18th century, which ones would you select or need to carryout the precise layout of all the mortise's and tenons and all other construction jobs dealing with this structure.

List the contents that would be in the timberframer's box(s) if he had more than one box which he no doubt did, don't feel shy lets get the list started

It would be nice also to list the direction you would give to your 2 helpers on the first day of the work (these are going to be hired hands) and will be standing there ready to go to work and will want to know what the work hours are going to be and of course the wages.

Please remember that the owner wants a completed building before he pays you, and what price would you place on the document and maybe your demands as far as payment is concerned.

He is supplying all the timbers, sawn materials, shingles, nails and hardware items

Lets have fun you modern experienced and not so experienced timberframers--lets look back in time------