Hi everyone tonight:

Well what a great start you 2 brave souls, a great start to the list

To everyone else lets jump in and help Mo and Gumphri put some finishing touches on this tool list, after all we don't want to get held up without the proper tools and have the hired help standing around do we?

I fully intend to stay out of listing and will moderate from the sidelines--I do see though a few items that would need to be on site that are not listed--

We will be discussing the foundation eventually so you foundation guys think about that aspect from the mid 18th century period.

This barn will not have a full foundation but substantial bearing points

Just a note before I leave to many who will be looking in, now is your chance to jump in even with only one item, it could be a very valuable tool that might be needed and it would be nice to have it available should the need be required by your paid helpers

To you history buffs, you might clarify the type of tool(s)that were available and maybe suggest that they should or shouldn,t be around. Let us keep in mind no later than 1867 which was the year of confederation for Canada, the year of census taking and those wonderful Hardware Catalogues, and to that end should have been listed for sale if they were patented yet.

Thanks again--have fun--lets keep going down memory lane