Hello everyone today:

well I don't very often sit down in the dayime especially when my help is required eslewhere around this dairy ranch, but I just thought that I would look in to my chat site and to the other very interesting sites to see what is happening.

I had a call to visit an old barn and help the owner make some informed decisions about the sequences required to straighten up and stabilize her building which I commend her for wanting to preserve rather than tear down the normal practice it seems.

It continues to amaze me how the old timers moved buildings and attached them to existing buildings, and remodelled the structures to exhibit a lovely continuation of the exterior roof lines.

That is what happened in this case but in doing so there is some compromises that happen, and sometimes thse compromises cause frame failures to happen when major weather disturbances throw the book at us, I think back to the ice storm that piled 3 to 4 inches of ice on the roofs of old and modern structures, straining and bowing the timbers and trusses to their breaking point. I must say though that most of the older buildingsbuilt without engineering reports papers etc seemed to have been put up with a fair amount of extra strength