Hi Cecile,

That pic of the hewing styles employed in Finland might well be an extract from an article that I wrote for Timber Framing nearly 10 years ago and this can still be downloaded from :-

Visit to Finland

The article contains photos of the hewer, axe and finish (forgive the pun) obtained on Scots pine logs on a church at Karsamaki.

I agree with you that we are heading towards a point where someone really needs to compile and document in a paper for publication of a full collection of hewing tools, styles, signatures, finishes obtained, etc., used to convert logs for both academic and craft reference purposes.

I would encourage you all to download a watch all 4 videos (20mb each) from :-

Viking ship construction

where you will see wedged cleaving and "T" axe hewing of monster oak to produce clinker planks and a mast fish and also how pine tar is made in Finland which is used in Viking ship construction.

When you all get your jaws off the ground we can talk again.


Ken Hume

Looking back to see the way ahead !