I myself have made that same mistake in the past! (calling you by your wife's name)

I have never heard of any naming of the hewing styles in my study. Perhaps we should come up with a way of naming them.
Perhaps a good method would be to classify them according to tools used and region of origin and/or usage.

I wold think that these classifications would have to be pretty general, because every hewer will have his own spin on things.

You might have names like American Felling-Pennsylvania Axe or Germanic Bundaxt-Breitbeil or Central European Bradvil

Then on top of that, you might also tell if the hewer works cross grain, long grain, or in a sweeping motion, or whatever other direction you might can think of...

Also, I want pine tar! Too bad we don't have pine in Indiana

Was de eine ilüchtet isch für angeri villech nid so klar.