Hi D L,
I didn't really take note of what the diameters of this stem were beyond determining that I could get a balk 8 X 15 X 9001 cm out of it. I try to limit how many numbers there are floating around in my head. Sorry for you about that. I am going, though, into a lot more detail over this particular piece of wood just here with the full unedited photographic accounting to be seen at this location.

I imagine that fresh maple does hew nicely. That comes mostly because the fibers making up maple wood are short ones and no matter what you are cutting/carving with, maple responds well to a sharp blade.

Not to worry about structural applications. Any such concerns come again from these short fibers and the regular dispersion of poors - known to many as DIFUSE POROSITY - throughout the wood but are really only relevant to the furniture maker, in particular the chair maker. You wouldn't want to make tenons out of maple in a chair construction. Better to use floating tenons of another suitable wood.

Maple must not be exposed to the outside climate or moisture from the ground though. It is susceptible to fungus attack.