Hello everyone tonight:

Well thanks Steve for all that information on repairs to the slate roof's flashing, and I will relay your remarks to my son.

also thanks for your kind remarks, hosting you guys was one of the highlighrts of my career, it makes me feel good that I had something that I could share and be enjoyed by the TTRAG group who are all pretty knowledgeable people and great to have met.

Right now I am in the midst of the reconstruction of 2 period cannon bases that use 6" by 12" white oak sections, I will also need the services of a blacksmith to do period metal work It will be nice to get back in the groove so to speak.

You know and I am addressing those that are looking in tonight and that maybe need employment or ideas, you guys need to expand your knowledge base outside of building homes, timberframing is only part of what you can do with heavy timber, historic millwrighting, Historic mills, historic roads\bridge construction, even period fencing, repairing period machinery--even slate roofs like we talked about above--I could go on but I believe you get the drift.

I have been party to many and varied projects from modern to extremely historic--for instance restoring churches, print shop;s, tin shops, barns, drivesheds, smokehouses, one year I was put in charge of constructing a very modern food outlet, another I worked inside a modern store outlet and I must say that moving back and forth between the 2 mediums seemed to recharge my batteries.

I even did a lttle farming where I raised my family

Well good luck to you all, maybe my remaks will help some especially when you are still young enough to be able to learn more--be open and reseptive to new ideas don't stagnate in one area move on learn, move back if you need to, listen be like to wise old owl in the tree