Hi everyone tonight

Unfortunately the buildings in UCV are now closed for the winter season, and walking through the site is on for a while I am not sure for how long, it seems that each year with budget restraints the open season shrinks somewhat, it closed this year on Thanksgiving Sunday.

There is alot to see when things are going during the open season, 3 waterpowered mills, one steam powered (the grist mill), the wollen mill (water powered), and of course my favourite the 1848 waterpowered Muley saw mill.

I posted some pictures of the reconstruction of the sawmill's waterbarrel and drive axle, which took place about 6 or 7 years ago now. The reconstruction of the 12 " oak driveaxle with its offset crank was in itself a major part because it was held in place with hot babbet poured around its wings held in place with the oak wood of the shaft and original wrought iron rings on tapered turned wood seatings.

I had offered to make a presentation to the TTRAG on the Mulley Mill and its reconstruction 2 or 3 years ago now which would have been a lecture along with a slide presentation but was rejected at that time.

I won't be at the conference in Montebello unfortunately but I will be thinking of all you guys, no doubt Will and Joel have set up a good itinerary