Hello everyone tonight

Also a very happpy and (more) prosperous year we all hope in 2011

Just an update on my project I am half way there 1 unit completed and 1 to go in the new year.

I had many inquisitive visitors drop by, and one in particular, a young fellow selling corn seed.

He looked at the Garrison Carriage and said to me what is it? I said what do you thing it is? He replied it sure looks like something to support a cannon, well I said it sure is, then he said are you repairing it? I said no it is completely new, well he said you could have fooled me because it looks old.

I told him he just made my day, and he said why, well for starters I said good restoration workmanship is supposed to renew and look old at the same time, and I know from your comment I have attained the look that will fool 90% of those that will examine it in the years to come.

Of course there is that group that really knows what they are looking at, and to that end I have to be sure that the details of workmanship meet very strict criteria, and adhere to the guidelines of military equipment construction dating back 300 years.

I did some research at Fort Henry in Kingston in preparation for
the project just to ensure that the details on the Garrison Carriage standing at UCV's main entrance the one I was using as a copy, and that I had restored 20 plus years ago were accurate, and I did find some irregularities that I corrected this time around to ensure that the ones following in my footsteps will have as accurate details as I can supply

Thanks for the comment Mark I only supply what I consider interesting topics and you guys make it all happen


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