Well welcome to the new year--lets hope that it keeps on improving for all of you guys looking for work

remarks for the good of the order

things here in Canada are not too bad but could be alot better, just too much plastic money in use I say and too many looking for the free ride-taxes here are unreal but without that the free ride ends I guess

Ken you were remarking about no one posting, I believe that there is quite a slow down on projects especially house construction by the general public, not the real rich they are sitting back and waiting for a real bargain to come along

I am retired now but watch around me the struggle that is going on for many to provide the things that are needed for their families, the incentives by various governments seem to be helping somewhat but it is only a band aid fix, it will not take away the debt shouldered by everyone, even the elerly and the new born.

well happy new year to you all