That is a site in German (Google translate is at your service) and in it the author describes a number of techniques for the use of lime and clay to create wall surfaces, interior and exterior. He talks about older methods used centuries ago, but has also come up with a sensible modern application of those methods.
He describes the use of reeds like we would use lath to support plaster, suggesting this material for use in exterior applications or in places like damp basements where there will be much water. For other applications he suggests the use of reed and clay. The wall cavities are then filled with cellulose. In the past instead of the cellulose he says that straw dipped into wet loam would have been used to pack the cavities, this was used in wall cavities, roof cavities, and even floor cavities. A very interesting system indeed, easily adaptable to modern insulating materials and old materials alike.

He also describes a technique that is interesting to me, Sgraffito. This is the technique of carving through one layer of plaster to another layer of contrasting color to create design and ornament that is permanent.

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