I am amazed every time I walk past the small patch of clay and straw infill in my little blacksmith building. It is holding up very well, no noticeable degrade in the material after 3 years. In hard rain I walk by it and it almost always appears dry! I can just make out straw fleck through the lime wash covering the clay. Time for a second coat this spring I suppose.

I do see some loose sections but these are due to me not having sufficient pinning to the timber with the waddle system.

I also have a section of lime plaster in the house I am testing for durability. It is in the wood storage corner, the lower section is boards, about 3' up the plaster starts. When the wood pile is fresh it reaches the plaster, I am seeing a 1" chunk which was knocked with a stick of wood, some cracks at the lath and in the corner. I have only one coat at this time. As the inner working of the house change this area will no longer be for wood storage and i will finnish it off. It is holding pretty well for the abuse it gets.