Hello everyone tonight

Don: that final finish on the walls I suppose that you could be referring to could be a paint layer or wall paper or it could be paint graining if you were able to do that or had the funds to hire a person that could do it for you.

paint graining is not too hard to do it just needs alitle practice and a bit of knowledge to accomplish.

Our historic painter(s) at UCV could do this type of finish, and to appreciate the technique, and to be able to evaluate their work I took a couple of historic course on paint graining and marblezing.

The result of this type of painting can be just fantastic, especially the marbelizing, a good historic painter, can reproduce just about any type of marble finish with amazing reality

Once again I do not profess to be an authority on paint graining, but then again many wives and husbands that look at the product (timber finishes) that you guys produce can easily spot flaws, it is this type of supervision that I had to be able to put forward or at least converse about with the professional person.

I might say that the majority of these historic specialists are not easy to supervise, they take very great offense at being supervised at all but feel that they should only answer to high level managers

In someways I agree and have had hard conversations with some of these individuals, from experience I have worked forsupervisors that really could not do the work that I was hired to do.

It is my opinion that supervisors need only to have a good grasp of professional's jobs, they are being hired at good salaries to do the work or produce finishes that they are hired to do, or that the site required. Year end evaluations are extremely difficult!!

Maybe some of you have additional comments about being chastised by other than professionals of your training or experience, from past comments I can tell that there is problems from time to time.