Hi everyone tonight

Well excuse me for getting carried away on wall surfaces but I am sure there are more than a few souls out there that appreciate an off shoot subject that really is part of the timberframing picture no matter if it is a home or outbuilding or maybe a high end drive shed with living quarters in one end for the hired help to call home.

We had a good example of this type of structure at UCV it was the Robertson driveshed it was 4 bays, the one end bay was a lovely living quarters, with a fireplace suitable for food preparation and heating, 2 centre bays for carriages, and the opposite end was a 3 stall horse barn, the centre section was ground floor, while the 2 ends were raised floors. The area over the tie beams was floored and contained grainaries, and hay storage areas, we used it extensively for drying some of our better grades of lumber from the muley saw mill.

It was a great area to cure slowly the fresh cut lumber, which after about 4 to 5 years could be used by the cabinet maker to create his hand made creations.

Before I leave for the night I am going to throw out a request from any one of you for a special subject that you might want answers to. If I can't answer it I am sure that someone out there can.