Hello everyone tonight

Hi again DL, no the whitewashing was strictly on the interior.

The sash were primed and painted in the beginning so the exterrior of the sash did start out painted, I remember helping my father in the light of a kerosine lanern puttying and installing the glass, nearly 70 years ago now.

The sash up in the hay mows though did not receive any whitewash, and were never repainted, they are still there and in pretty good shape today.

It always amazed me that in 1960 during the reconstruction of UCV,s historic stuctures, the historic architect could still find examples of original trim in the area, which at that time would have been well over 100 years of age.

Each building had its own unique trim style, and to reconstruct it faithfully a set of shaper blades had to be hand crafted to create new sections. The window muttons were a good example each alittle different in some way. The trim around the edge of the roof was another, in some cases there were 5 or 6 complete runs of trim to create the roof edges.

Another characteristic was the chimney styles, and the size and colour of the bricks or stone whatever the case might have been

Once again enjoy everyone