Hello everyone tonight

Thanks Don for the comments----- an engineer told me one time that it takes views from all angles to figure out the best approach to any problem------

In my latest project I had to drill holes through the sides of the Wooden Garrison Carriage for 1" bolts to pass through, these sides run at angles to one another (not parallel. These timbers were 6" in thickness and were about 36" apart.

For the sake of others looking in what kind of a proceedure would you use to ensure that the holes were straight enough so that the !" threaded rods would pass through unhindered from side to side. They also passed through a channel in a 6" timber spanner that held the sides at a proper width and could be really tight.

I have many years experience but found this quite challenging considering the tools that I have which was a 1/2" drill and a 16" ship auger.

I would like to consider the solution using the tools that i have which would probably be in line with what most people have in their arsenal