Hello everyone tonight

Well for those that are waiting here is how I accomplished this task---

1)--I cut out 5" diameter discs from 1/2" ply and
2)--I positioned these discs on the ends of the timbers
3)--I then scribed shoulder lines around the square timbers 13" from the ends
4)--placing my skilsaw on the top of the timber I dropped the blade to the depth of the top of the plywood disc
5)--I made multiple cuts approx spaced .5" starting at the end of the timber and working back to the shoulder lines
6)--after that I took my small adze and with the poll i quickly knocked away all the material
7)--I then smoothed up the surface with the adze

I repeated this on each surface and in the end what was left was a 5" square protruding from the end of the timber 13"long

8)--I then took the adze and roughly removed the corners on the protruding square
9)--I made up a half round from plywood of a 5" circle and used it as a guide to smooth up the surface using a wood rasp

10)--very quickly i ended up with a nice round axle of 5" in diameter and 13" long

Thanks for looking in

I hope that this exercise will be useful to someone at sometime in their life--just store it away