I've always been a bit nervous of them, though I haven't ever been able to come up with a logical reason why! I can't recall ever once hitting myself on accident with the pol of a large axe. Now I have done so with smaller axes and hatchets working on joinery, but never with a big one.

That said, I could certainly see some advantages to the tool, always having 2 different striking surfaces suited to different tasks.

However, I am heading somewhat in the opposite direction seeking to acquire an axe with a very narrow bit (2 to 3 inches) for notching.

Myabe, NH, with a little convincing on your part I could be persuaded to try a double bit axe some time...

It interests me the ways people use different tools and methods to accomplish the same task. I think that is a good thing, and am in no way in favor of developing any kind of 'standard' practice for hewing, joint cutting, or whatever else.


Was de eine ilüchtet isch für angeri villech nid so klar.