Hello everyone tonight

Hi Don and other looking in and showing interest in this topic, one of my favorites mext to hand hewing and creating wooden timber frames

Juggling or I refer to as "notching" in preparation for broadaxing is a pretty important function, to do it properly you need a good axe with a thin blade to get good penetration, and you need a fairly flat edge --not too rounded so that as you lay down the last set of scores approx 3 inches apart you are not penetrating unnecessarily deep into the underlying layers that make up the surface of the hewn timber.

The other blade can be more rounded, and used for clearing an area around a standing tree in preparation for felling with the two man crosscut saw--(pre chain saw era)--or chain saw--around these parts 1950's

I hope this helps explain my axe style and reasoning, besides that it is the way I was taught by my father--Ross, and his father Robert-- before him

The best of the day to you all and enjoy your time to the fullest
because time has an awful habit of speeding up after 40