Hello everyone tonight

Well I have a new discussion thread one that I have pondered about for some time now, not really knowing the reasoning behind the technique.
About 30 years ago I was given the task of reproducing a 3 bay english barn at Ucv.

At that time a good example became known to our Historic Group and it turned out that it had been constructed about 1800 in the area west of Iroquois Ontario along the St Lawrence River by the founding UEL's that were arriving to settle the area.

I began to document the framework taking very close attention to details that included the rectangular timbers (rather than Square) that were used in the walls, and their orientaions.,the size of the braces which also turned out to be rectangular with all hewn surfaces.

It was a feature of the braces that really threw me--their seatings both on the posts,the plates and girts did not follow the framing lines but rather sloped from their heels to the seating line.

This unusual framing detail was reproduced faithfully in the new reconstruction at UCV, creating a real challenge for my well trained staff.

I wonder if any of you have ran across this unusual framing detail