Hello everyone tonight

Well great weather here, usually -20F but tonight +50F

Years ago my dad and I would be starting out for the bush to ready the sleighing roads, and cutting ones into new territory

getting the sleigh out hitching up the team and pulling it a few miles on the gravel road to shine up the steel runners, a real must before trying to haul heavy loads through the snow

next getting out the axes, the crosscut saw, the steel wedges, the logging chains, and lastly the peevee, or canthook.

There is nothing better than entering the bush road on a coating of fresh snow, coming upon a group of white tailed deer, and a few wild turkeys, standing out black on the white snow

our agenda would be 40 cords of firewood, 100 cedar posts, and the usual 2 to 3 thousand bd feet of logs

In 1942- my father left to work on the Alaska Highway construction--The reason being to earn enough to construct a new barn. He was gone for 2 years, and when he returned my mother didn't even recognize him when he stepped off the train at the Morrisburg station. His return of course meant that he was in charge as head of the household, a role my mother had held for 2 years, what a change!

In winter of 1944 he along with my uncle cut 22 thousand Bd Ft of logs just with axes and the crosscut saw, along with the usual 40 cords of firewood and fence posts. On our property that meant that everything was removed from the bush lot that would square 4 inches

The nails were hard to get due to the war going on at that time, but we were able to get 2 kegs of square cut nails, and some aluminum nails which came out at that time

By that fall a new barn stood out against the skyline, and I stood in front of it with my duck, I was 5 years old,

I am looking over now at the same barn 70 years later, the same 6 light wood sash in place still in good order, it appears like they will last for another 40 to 50 years. I remember quite well playing in the putty as my father glazed the windows on the table of the old house, in the light of a coal oil lantern

I was just getting ready to start my schooling at SS#10 a one room school up the road that taught all 8 grades in the open room.

Well I hope you enjoy a little look back in time, this seems to be a time for remembrances of years and christmas's gone by

Does anyone like to add their touch I SURE would like to hear your story