Well hello everyone tonight

Continuing with my remenicents above, I had the opportunity in life to experience and live the hardtimes first hand, in doing so though I learned and was taught some of the basic requirements to survive without much--one thing that we had though was a close family relationship, we pulled together to get through the seemingly endless cold nights, cut off from the outside world for weeks at a time

Hewing timber for a new addition ( a woodshed) took place during these days, I remember going with my dad and picking out the straightest logs, and then watching with wonder as he seemingly worked slowly and methodically with what seemed to me to be a very large axe to square up the framing timbers

These remembrances came back to me as my life unfolded and I had the opportunity to show those that wanted to learn the old craft, as I knew it,--a great feeling--

Father liked to reminise about the days gone by, and some of the old bush stories really got my attention, like the one he told about the horse they had that drew out the logs without any supervision, "just hitched him up and let him go, he loved it" . Hewing railway ties for the railroad construction was another story of course going back another generation to my grandfather's time

These oldtimers were real men--lived for the winter and bush work--and for their horses--loved them with a passion--

Well got to go

hope you enjoy