From your postings, Richard, it's clear to see that your work was really bound up in a good way with the different times and conditions of the year, something, for the most part, that technology has now done away with. Another indication that we are all just misplaced souls here on a strange planet.
I have seen descriptions of the wood generated, steam heating systems you write of up there and think that it is in many ways an ingenious way of heating though it would take a good deal of expertise to install right. My heating system is by no means so ingenious but relies on electricity and pumps, (a great drawback in my opinion), to get the warmth distributed from the source out there in the barn, throughout the house. The furnace heating the water directly until it reaches a temperature of 60C when pump no.1 switches on circulating water between furnace and accumulation tank standing right there next to it. Once the 1,500 liter tank is up to sufficient temperature the thermostat inside the house can be set and pump no.2 will switch on sending water circulating throughout the radiator system and back to the accumulation tank to be reheated by more fire. The furnace itself is connected to the water mains as a source of cooling in case it gets overheated. At just under boiling a thermostat opens the valve and fresh cold water is let in to cool it all down. By clicking here you can see how it's all set up.


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