Hello everyone tonight

Hi again Don for coming on board, sure was a nice posting for all to see and learn--your heating system is just great, was it a patented setup or custom built?

Either way it is great especially if you have your own wood supply. The only draw back to wood is that it requires a constant presence to add fuel once in a while. I suspect though that you do lose some heat through the flue.

I also burn wood in a (so called)-- high efficiency wood stove (pacific energy), it takes burning one step beyond the cheaper models by heating the incoming combustible air before it reaches the burn chamber, thereby the fuel burns at a higher temperature, and keeps the emissions down in the outgoing smoke flue. There is quite a bit of heat escaping though and as most of us know the chimneys have to be a certain temperature or problems begin to develop, like freezing up on real cold nights from the liquid creosote condensed on the interior surface, or no draft, it seems to be a no win situation, but one can try and keep as much heat from escaping as possible

It also sounds like you are really into living the right kind of life, but as we all know it is not for everyone, many, many like the city life, but for me and especially since the great ice storm a few years back, that knocked out the power lines for a great large area of Ontario, give me a good wood stove and at that time quite a few hunkered down in our wood heated home. I was fortunate enough to have had a generator at that time and I travelled around starting up peoples furnaces to give them some heat--it was unreal many were just sitting there wrapped up in blankets not knowing what to do.

Knowing how to keep warm, plant a garden, slaughter an animal for meat, dig a hole in the ground for water, burn candles the list goes on--kids should be taught this as part of regular schooling in my book--it might save their lives in the years ahead.

Well everyone got to go




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